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Your holiday, in Zeelandic Flanders, at campingground
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Camping at a farm

A couple in front of their mobile home Relax and settle down Camping at a farm is normal in the Netherlands. Normally it are small campinggrounds where it is easy to settle down. Usually the farm is still operational. At a farm camping the number of camping places are limited. The municipallity decides how many camping places are allowed.

It is said that camping at a farm started in the Netherlands in Zeeland. That is logical. During the holiday, many campers come to Zeeland for the beautiful weather and the beaches. The regular campings can't handle this, and the farmers knew what to do ...

Children's heaven

For the your children camping at a farm is just heaven. There is never a dull moment for them (see our photo's). For you, time to read a book?

The sanitair is at small campings often complete and clean. The sanitair of the Helenahoeve was renovated in 2006.


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