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Your holiday, in Zeelandic Flanders, at campingground
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The Helenapolder A photograph of the Helenapolder The Helenahoeve is situated in the Helenapolder (created in 1824) among arable land. There is less traffic in the Helenapolder.

Zeeland, the sunny province

The Helanahoeve is situated in the south of the Netherlands in Zeelandic Flanders. Zeeland is the sunny province! In Zeeland the sun shines 1600-1650 hours a year.

Nature and beaches

The nature in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is beautiful. In the Delta of the Netherlands the nature is based on a mix of earth and water. In the river the Western Scheldt you may see some seals, for sure if you visit the "De Hooge Platen" (book a tour with "Symbol for an extra windowmerchant shipper the Festijn").

The camping is a few kilometers from the beach.

Holiday suggesions

In the summer, many tourists visit Zeeland for the sun and the beaches and the attractions of Zeelandic Flanders.


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